time to code

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Move objects with your mouse or finger. Drag and fling them. Put on the breaks with the f key. Try the g key.

More: discussion on multiplayer, capture, the editor, and the demos.

This site hosts a collection of code scripts: Python (see game physics), JavaScript (see what's animating this page), and VBScript and Perl (see Waconia). There may be a few R scripts coming...

The functionality of the Python game-physics page is reproduced here with JavaScript, Box2dWeb, and a live HTML5 Canvas. This includes the use of Node.js, socket.io, and WebRTC for multiplayer. The team at timetocode has plans for a touch-screen client for cell phone play. (Here they are at the corporate rec-center.)

There's even a back-burner plan to make a new Waconia charting page based on Google Charts and Fusion Tables: all client sided this time.

A note on what's coming next...

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